When Should You Get a Windshield Replacement

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When you’re driving down the highway, you might have a rock or other debris get kicked up onto your windshield. If it causes a simple chip, you can usually get the windshield repaired, but if it creates a crack or worse damage, you will likely need a replacement. You might feel inclined to ignore the crack until it’s more convenient for you to get the windshield replaced, but this usually isn’t the safest solution. Here are a few tips as to when you should get a windshield replacement.

When Should You Get a Windshield Replacement

Schedule Windshield Replacement As Soon as Possible After Damage

It’s important to schedule your windshield replacement as soon as possible rather than taking your time. While it’s highly unlikely that your windshield would cave in or shatter, a cracked windshield affects both the structural integrity of your car as well as the vision quality while driving. These are both major safety hazards, as the refracted sunlight through the crack can be blinding and your windshield can’t offer as much safety if you get into an accident.

It’s better to take the time out of your schedule for the replacement rather than risking any harm to yourself or your passengers while driving.

Is It Still Safe to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

You might be wondering if it’s still safe to drive your car if you have a cracked or damaged windshield. While your windshield will not shatter entirely while you’re driving, it’s still not the safest driving conditions, especially if the crack is in your line of sight. You would be better off to use our mobile windshield replacement services instead. We can come to you to perform the replacement rather than you having to drive your car and taking any unnecessary risks.